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Protecting Your Identity

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Freedom Debt Relief has given you the tools to get out of debt, and now we’re showing you a few services that could help protect your steadily rising profile from reporting errors and identity theft.

Credit Reporting Bureaus: If you’re thinking about applying for a new home or auto loan or you just want to check your credit report for errors, you can pull your full report and FICO score from any of the three major credit bureaus (Experian, TransUnion, and Equifax) for a small one-time fee. Each bureau also offers a wide range of credit monitoring services so you can track your credit on an on-going basis.


  • Credit report and FICO score monitoring (one-time and/or continuing for a monthly fee)
  • Alerts when changes are detected on your credit report
  • Lost wallet protection
  • Free 7-day trial periods on most service


  • Minimal protection if you’re a victim of identity theft
  • You will be charged the monthly fee if you forget to cancel after the trial period ends

Comprehensive Credit Monitoring Services:

If you’re worried about falling victim to identity theft, sign up for a comprehensive credit monitoring service such as Lifelock or Identity Force. They will not only monitor your credit, but also protect you from even the craftiest identity thieves.


  • Credit and social security number monitoring
  • Lost wallet protection
  • Plans that also protect your children’s credit
  • Assistance if your identity is stolen
  • $1 million in theft ID insurance to cover any losses you incur due to ID theft


  • Monthly fees can get expensive (they start at $12.95 and go all the way up to $29.99/mo)
  • Most services (child ID monitoring, credit report monitoring etc.) are only available with the pricier packages

Life after debt can be amazing, and these tools can help you protect the great credit score you are working so hard for! Read more at The Simple Dollar.


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