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When you’re struggling with debt, managing your money effectively can be a huge challenge. To help, we’re reviewing popular couponing sites that can help you clip unnecessary spending out of your budget. This month we’re looking at a site that bills itself as the world’s #1 coupon site: TheKrazyCouponLady.com.


  • The site is easy to navigate, which is great considering there are over 2,000 coupons to sift through at any given time
  • Features in-store deals and coupons from a HUGE list of retailers (Target, Whole Foods, Sephora, and many, MANY more)
  • Sale alerts for various retail sites and apps (such as Zulily)
  • Daily blog posts provide extensive money saving tips, like a guide on the best time to buy the things you need by month of the year (February is the best month to buy a big screen TV!)
  • Users can post their own coupon hauls in the “Brags” section along with photos and a list of coupons they used to score their sweet deals
  • Lots of freebies (makeup, skincare, paper products, and more)
  • Tips on how to become an extreme couponer in ten days


  • There’s a lot going on, so it’s easy to get lost during your first few visits to the site
  • Targeted more towards the extreme couponers vs. casual couponers
  • Most coupons can’t be scanned from a mobile device, so you have to print out everything you need in advance

TheKrazyCouponLady.com is a comprehensive site is a fantastic money-saving tool for consumers looking to trim their budget without severely impacting their lifestyle. Lots of learning tools make it possible for you to learn as much as you want about couponing.


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