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Life After Debt: Apps That Help You Grow Your Money

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These apps could help you save more, spend smarter, and build bigger savings.

 Mint Mint Budgeting App
CNN Money called this the “Cadillac of money management apps” and it’s easy to see why. Once you’ve set it up and linked all your creditors and bank accounts, it:

  • Automatically pays your bills on time
  • Tracks all your accounts in one place
  • Alerts you when funds are low or credit limits are near

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 PocketGuard Pocketguard
Simple and attractive, this app is a great tool for finding where you can spend less. It also:

  • Analyzes your spending
  • Identifies your recurring payments
  • Shows you how much money you can spend without going over your budget

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 Mvelopes Mvelopes
In addition to letting you pay bills, manage your budget and plan spending on your phone, Mvelope also:

  • Lets you capture your receipts
  • Tracks your spending in real-time
  • Was named best app for “Over Spenders” by Kiplinger’s Personal Finance

The basic version is free, but for $95 a year you get more premium options including a money coach.

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To compare even more budget apps, visit www.gottabemobile.com

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