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Halloween On A Hella-weenie Budget

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Check out these tips to maximize your Halloween festivities with little investment.

Not-So-Costly Costumes
Getting dressed up is one of the best things about Halloween, but with costumes costing upwards of $50, it can also be expensive. Instead of a buying a costume, try making your own using sources like Pinterest and YouTube for inspiration. You can also host a family costume swap. Every year before the big night, get your family and friends together and put all your old costumes into a pile so everyone can choose what they may want to wear that year. It’s a great way to make use of expensive costumes that may have otherwise been worn once and thrown in a closet.

Bewitching, Budget-Friendly Treats
Since the kids will be filling up on candy anyway, keep your goody table simple with fresh, affordable choices like DIY cakepops, Clementine Pumpkins, and Graveyard Pudding Cups. For a fun way to get the kids to get their greens in before the sugar rush, put together a fun veggie tray they’ll devour.

DIY Décor
Making the house look spooky is part of the fun, especially if you can do it within your budget. Check Pinterest for ideas you can throw together using things you can find around the house or at your local dollar store. The dollar section at your local Target also has great finds such as glitter pumpkins, Halloween themed dish-towels, tea lights, and more.

Sugar Rush At A Sweet Price
Candy can get costly, so think about how much you need before hitting the store. If you typically get a lot of trick-or-treaters, buying candy in bulk is the best way to go. If you aren’t expecting more than a handful, buy several smaller bags at the grocery store – but wait for Halloween day to do it. Halloween treats tend to go on sale right before the 31st, and buying at the last minute ensures you won’t have enough time to eat too much of your supplies and end up having to buy more.

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